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Zhejiang University School of Media and International Culture history dates back to August 1928, the establishment of the National Arts School, Zhejiang University, located in Chinese Language undergraduate liberal arts in 10 categories. Hangzhou University Department of Journalism in 1958 set up (at that time only four National University of Journalism); 1999 in the former Zhejiang University Chinese Department, Department of Sociology Department of Political Science and philosophy based on the establishment of the International Cultural Studies. June 2006, the two co-founded the Department of Media and International Culture Institute, is committed to building a comprehensive school of journalism, advertising, radio, television, literature, political science, sociology and cultural anthropology, results in all areas cross-cultural communication research and teaching of the important initiatives.

College adhere to the "thick Deborah knowledge, freedom and tolerance," the hospital training. Full training has a profound cultural knowledge, skilled communication and presentation skills, good social ethics, broad global vision of the "media elite", and carefully shaping the knowledgeable wisdom, Ming Si Shen identified, excellent communication ability, outstanding research capabilities,
competent public affairs, "the international political elite."

School focus on interdisciplinary and convergence, to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, strive to build the media's new science and research platform for international cultural, educational platform and communications platform, to build a culture of media and society have in-depth study, influence and even leadership the high level of academic team to develop a number of international perspective on media and culture has a deep sensibility, research, creativity and leadership in the media and cross-cultural communication talents, and strive to build an advanced international and domestic first-class teaching
and research, teaching team building and social services are of international standard institute.

Have brought together a group of journalism, communication, literary theory, aesthetics, political science, intercultural communication, sociology, anthropology, distinguished scholars, and each year invites famous experts of different disciplines to give lectures. Various teaching hospital facilities, a domestic leader in Library and Information Information Center and improve the teaching, research, management and service system. School has 60 teachers, of whom 18 were professors, associate professors 25.
More than 500 current total number of students, of whom more than 300 undergraduate, graduate more than 100, the Court directed by Professor 50 doctoral students, foreign students enrolled in degree 45.

College provides students with a complete training system. College of the existing Department 3: Department of Journalism and Communication, Department of International Culture, visual arts and new media department (raising). School year commitment to a dozen research projects of national and provincial level, there is communication, aesthetics, political theory (and law schools to build) and other three doctoral and master 5, the Ministry of Education, Philosophy and Social Science Innovation Base

College and the University of Maryland School of Journalism, Communication and Arts of Wisconsin College of Missouri School of Journalism, University of Turin, Italy, Political Science, Journalism and Communication The Chinese University of Hong Kong University, Hong Kong Baptist University School of Journalism, Media and the City University of Hong Kong College of Communication has established friendly and cooperative relations. Employed by the United Nations Secretary-General Fred Eckhard, Professor University of Michigan Professor Zhao Jingjing and Korean cars Professor root tin.
Actively recommend outstanding students to study abroad.

College was founded in Chinese academic journals, "Chinese media reports," the English academic journal "Chinese Media Research" academic think tank, the Chinese media network (www.zeview.com), access to academic and industry wide acclaim.

University Professor and implementing the spirit of democratic management, the establishment of the Committee, Professor, School of commitment to making contact, the hospital works supervision, peer review, teacher Employment for other important work.
Mentoring students to develop general practice.

 In addition to various types of schools located outside scholarships, college ad hoc "Nanfang Dushi Bao" news Scholarship, "co-nets were" innovative media scholarships. College graduates are spread throughout the major domestic news media, publicity departments, legal departments, large companies and enterprises, scientific research, educational institutions, such as CCTV, People's Daily, Phoenix Satellite Television, Xinhua News Agency, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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