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Top Ten College Students|CUI Yefei--Down-To-Earth and Going Ahead Boldly

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During six years at Zhejiang University, Cui Yefei, postgraduate of Class 2016 in Radio and Television, have recorded the demeanor of CMIC via lens, interpreted party theories by video, and found his aspiration in the Broadcasting and Television major. As he said, “I am a very down-to-earth, pragmatic person.”


(Filming mini Party lectures)

In his first postgraduate year, Cui worked part-time as an instructor at CMIC, in charge of postgraduate students, which required great patience and meticulousness. At first, he woke up every day with dozens of Wechat messages unread in attempts to meet every demand with poor personal time, which once made him overwhelmed. Meanwhile, it’s also difficult to communicate with senior or doctoral students and carry out work. Doing a good job of everything and communicating on the basis of respect, sincerity and understanding, Cui gained different experience as an instructor and obtained recognition from teachers.  

Marverick Broadcasting and Television Student

Cui used to major in Journalism as an undergraduate, “It turned out that academic research or practices of journalism was not for me.” Therefore, Cui pursued his interest besides professional practices and his passion for films directed him to further study Broadcasting and Television.


(Cui at China National Film Museum)

In his view, postgraduate learning is more about presentations and communicating with others based on substantial reading than listening to lectures only. It is critical to make reflections in your spare time.“I do not have a particular method to recommend, just making good preparations for every presentation, paper or video as per teachers’ instructions. The only thing special may be that my pursuit is different from others.”

For example, in the documentary-making course by Lin Wei, Cui was given the task of presenting thematic documentaries. Instead of choosing main-melody films played on the official platform with strong educational sense, Cui chose The Legend of the Sea, a documentary that many students have not heard of. Produced by Jia Zhangke for the Shanghai World Expo, it tells the story of famous people related to Shanghai in history, and pieces together the magnificent history of Shanghai via their life trajectories around the world. “When doing assignments, I would choose my concern and interest rather than follow the well-beatten track.”

Currently, Cui is finishing his final year project in hometown Qingdao, Shandong. Unlike other students, Cui chooses to film a short drama. “I’d like to do something I find meaningful.” After graduation, Cui will return to his hometown and start his beloved cause of video-making, whether in a TV station, media company or by starting his own business. Just as he said, “working to do a good job of what lies ahead, and make every right step along the way.”  


(Filming final year project in Qingdao, Shandong)

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