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In order to meet students’ diversified needs, the college has set up major platforms showing talents and promote interactions, which greatly enriches the campus spiritual and cultural life. Meanwhile, we encourage students to step out of the campus and to record the current society with the pen and camera, solidify the moment into eternity, adhere to feelings and pass warmth.


Student Union and Graduate Union serve students and teachers, and cultivate a positive and optimistic atmosphere of learning culture by launching various academic and cultural & sports activities.

Omnimedia Practice Platform, a practice platform of media for students set by the college, tries almost all forms of media to provide the most abundant types of news; we discover the most striking topic only to produce the most vivid work.

Half-moon Slope, a gathering place for college audio and video fans, and a platform for young students to share creative ideas and perform their talents.

The Pigeon's House, the college’s own coffee bar, provides teachers and students with good tea, fabulous books and happiness.

Movie Dates in Dongheng, a base for movie fans, regularly provides free movies, as well as movie information, for teachers and students in Zhejiang University.

Chinese Corner, an intercultural communication platform established by students from International Education in Chinese Department in the College of Media and International Culture. It shares students’ experiences of teaching Chinese as a foreign language, and provides the latest news of international education for Chinese language.

Writing Center in Zhejiang University, a plan to cultivate college students’writing literacy, offers series of excellent courses, to improve students’ overall ability to write practical compositions from multiple perspectives, such as media literacy, document writing and activity organization.


· Media Culture Festival

· "Little Dandelion" Journalist Volunteer Activities

· Volunteers at the G20 Summit in Hangzhou

· The Belt and Road:CMIC’s Volunteer Teaching Program

· Students received the Excellent Works Award of National Colleges of Clean and Honest Culture Works Competition. 

· Students received the Gold Award of the 3rd China "Internet +" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for College Students.

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