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Master of Arts in Aesthetics

Established in 1998, the Institute of Aesthetic and Critical Theory at Zhejiang University has been the pioneer of teaching and researching of aesthetics, arts and literature, with master's, doctoral and postdoctoral programs operated by a prestigious group of professors whose research has been published on journals listed on SSCI and A&HCI. The programs focus on contemporary aesthetic issues and an interdisciplinary study of the history of civilization and philosophy, establishing an independent and critical research institute. The programs are featured with interdisciplinary approaches to “aesthetics in a broad sense” embracing perspectives from the arts, philosophy, critical theories, anthropology, Marxist aesthetics, dramaturgy and criticism, political and ethical aesthetics, etc. 


Master of Arts in Journalism

The master's degree in journalism is a two-year program. This program cultivates the minds in social science and interdisciplinary research and aims at guiding students to an in-depth understanding of human behavior in relation to media.


Master of Arts in Communication

This program aims to expand students’ knowledge and develop their practical skills through systematic training on the mechanism and influence of communicative culture. The Institute of Communication Studies has been conferring master degrees on students since 1995. The Institute sponsors two academic journals: The China Media Report (since 2002) and China Media Research (since 2005),whichcontribute to important academic conversations in China and overseas.


Master of Arts in Communication (with a focus in media and social thought)

M.A. in Communication with a focus in media and social thought takes two years to complete. Currently, the program has 7 graduate faculty, with research focuses on social theory and communication, globalization and cross-cultural communication, and cultural politics and criticism. Faulty members have published more than 20 papers on journals listed in SSCI and A&HCI. The program aims to provide students with broad knowledge, interdisciplinary and comparative research perspectives, and the ability to study media in different contexts.


Master of Arts in Television, Film and Audio-visual Communication

This two-year program trains students to become professionals with comprehensive knowledge of audio-visual communication and a strong background in research methodology. The program is under the guidance of the Institute of Radio, Television and Film. CMIC and Zhejiang Film Bureau co-founded a writing studio and a research center, committing to an integrated platform for production, teaching and research.


Master of Arts in Journalism and Communication

M.A. in Journalism and Communication under the guidance of the Institute of Journalism is a two-year program. Zhejiang University was one of the first universities qualified to admit postgraduate students in journalism and communication in China. This program emphasizes practical and professional training in reporting, writing and editing. The curriculum focuses on journalism and strategic communication.


Master of Arts in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

The two-year M.A. program in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language under the guidance of the Institute of Social Thought is one of the first postgraduate programs in international education in China since 2007. Faculty research ranges from Chinese culture, literary aesthetics, poetry and film, to cross-cultural communication and international publishing. Students are taught through the integration of various disciplines.


Master of Fine Arts in Broadcasting

The three-year M.F.A. program under the guidance of the Institute of Radio, Film and Television, equips students with practical skills like script writing, film and television production, and new media audio-visual editing. Mentors of this program graduated from world-class universities like the University of Michigan and the University of Art in Berlin. Established practitioners are hired as visiting scholars.

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