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Wei Lu

Dean and Doctoral Supervisor of CMIC, graduated from Washington State University with a Doctor’s Degree in Communication.

He has won Excellent Youth Prize in Journalism and Communication, First Prize of Philosophy and Social Science Achievements in Zhejiang Province and May Fourth Youth Prize etc.

His research fields focus on New Media, Political and International Communication, with research programs including Statistical Research on Visualization of Global Information Communication in the Era of Big Data and Research on China's Image in the Era of Big Data etc.

He’s also the current executive chief editor of Communication and the Public, editor of Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly and other SSCI periodicals, as well as Vice President of Network Communication History Institute and Secretary of Global Communication and Public Diplomacy Institute under China’s Journalism History Society. 

Email: drluwei@zju.edu.cn

Wang Qingwen

Secretary of CPC Committee and Vice-Dean at CMIC, ZJU. Born in July 1968 and joined the CPC in December 1992. Mr. WANG received a bachlor’s degree in pedagogy from the former Hangzhou University, a master’s degree in marxist theory and ideological and political education from Zhejiang University.

Mr. WANG is a long-serving member of Ideological and political education for students, he served as secretary of Committee of the Youth League at Department of Electronic Engineering, the former Hangzhou University, and served as Vice Secretary of Committee of the Youth League in Zhejiang University from 1999 to 2004, and then became the Vice Secretary of CPC Committee at the Department of Materials and Chemical Engineering in 2005, after four years, Mr. Wang was named as the Secretary of CPC Committee at the Department of Macromolecular Material and Engineering in Zhejiang University. In August 2017, Mr. WANG assumed the role of as Secretary of CPC Committee and Vice-Dean at CMIC, ZJU.

Email: wangqw@zju.edu.cn

Ye Jianying

Vice-Secretary  of CPC Committee and Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection  at CMIC, ZJU. Born in May 1970 and joined the CPC in June 1997.  Graduated from Hangzhou University with a Master’s Degree in History and  worked as an associate researcher for the department.

She  taught at the Department of History at the former Hangzhou University  from March 1998 to September 1998,and at the Department of History in  School of Humanities, ZJU from September 1998 to March 2003(during which  she was appointed as Lecturer in June 1999). From March 2003 to  February 2010, she served as secretary to the Vice-Director ofCPC  Committee and Director of Information Research Office, ZJU(during which  she was appointed as Vice-Researcher in December 2006). From February  2010 to June 2019, she becamethe Director of the Organization office and  Deputy Director of the CPC School office. Since June 2019, she assumed  the role of Vice-Secretary of CPC Committee andSecretary of Commission  for Discipline Inspection at CMIC, ZJU.

Email: jyye@zju.edu.cn

Hong Yu

Vice director of ZJU Research Center on Public Diplomacy and Strategic Communication at CMIC, ZJU. She joined Zhejiang University as a “100-Talents Program” Young Professor (Level A) in Fall 2017 and has served as director of ZJU Institute of Communication Research.

Hong Yu got her Ph.D. in Communication from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her research focuses on ICT development, Internet and media policy, and digital capitalism, with a regional focus on China. She serves as the Book Review Editor for Global Media and Communication from 2016 and serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of the Chinese Journal of Communication from 2018. In 2017 she was elected member of the executive board for the Global Communication and Social Change division within the International Communication Association.

Email: hong1@zju.edu.cn

Zhao Yu

Vice-director and professor of the Audio-visual and New Media Department at CMIC, ZJU.

She mainly focuses on broadcasting journalism, Advance Television and the innovation system of creative industries. She published several essays in the above-mentioned study fields in the Chinese top journals and published 3 books within 5 years.She was selected into the first-tier of Zhijiang Young Scholar Fellowship and has been an academic visitor hosted by Utrecht University (Netherlands) and the University of Oxford (UK) successively.

Email: yuzhao@zju.edu.cn

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