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CMIC 2019 Students Summer Exchange Programs’ Sharing

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How did you spend your summer this year? For the students from College of Media and International Culture, Zhejiang University, they chose to explore new frontiers of Chinese and foreign medias. 5 teams travelled to different regions of China and overseas. Their presentations were held in Mengminwei Auditorium in the evening of October 27th .


United Kingdom: Zhejiang University - Oxford University “Media Entrepreneurship Innovation Workshop” Project

Ma Mengjie shared the reform of traditional advertising industry facing digital challenges. Students visited British Daily Telegraph, and observed how a British media agency operated.


Students at Oxford University


United States: Zhejiang University - University of Pennsylvania “Media and Communication Frontiers” Project

Chen Xi shared their class discussions on hot issues such as the traceability of blockchain and Bot at UPenn. Students visited local WHYY public broadcasting station and Lenfest Center.


Students at University of Pennsylvania


Singapore: Zhejiang University - Nanyang Technological University Summer Exchange Program

Lei Sihan presented the dissemination of fake news and the revolution of public relations. They also visited Singapore’s MediaCorp and Shaw Centre.



Students at Nanyang Technological University


Hong Kong, China: Zhejiang University – Hong Kong Baptist University Summer School

Zhang Ying emphasized the ethical standards of being a journalist, and discussed the idea “digital marketing” from multiple perspectives such as information technology, social media and interactive experience. They visited Phoenix Satellite Television during the exchange.


Students at Hong Kong Baptist University


The United Arab Emirates (UAE): Zhejiang University ZHIYUAN Global Practice Group

Students demonstrated how war journalists collect and write news, and how international news were produced cooperatively. They shared their academic reports in journalism and communications.



Students in UAE


During the sharing, Professor Wei Lu encouraged students to participate in international exchange programs. “Excellent Student Award” and “Project Participation Award” were awarded to outstanding students.

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