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CMIC Student—Alumni Football Match

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HANGZHOU — The College of Media and International Culture Student—Alumni football match took place on 23rd November 2019 at Zhejiang University’s football field. The players complied with the principle of “friendship first, competition second” and played with passion throughout the whole game. This match saw great opportunity in facilitating the relationship between students and alumni of the CMIC.

Eminent alumni joining the game

The student team, led by Associate Professor Shao Zhize, comprised of graduate students from the CMIC. The alumni from Journalism Classes of 1991-1998 and Advertising Classes of 1993-1995 formed the opposing team. The alumni team included the deputy editor-in-chief of Xinhua News Agency (Zhejiang bureau) and the award-winning deputy editor-in-chief of Huzhou Daily Group. Some alumni travelled a long distance to join the match and others to watch the game. 

Both teams unleashed their energy and showed confidence in the field, grabbing every chance to win. During the break, the players also huddled to strategize.

In the second half of the match, both teams agreed to give everyone a chance to play and let substitutes come off the bench. The match quickly intensified after the change.  

Establishing connection through the match

The football match came to the end with laughter and cheer filling the air. “I am honored to be able to play football in my alma mater after graduated for 21 years. The University has changed much, and I’m glad to see it is changing for the better. Events like this need to happen more.” said Chen Xinwen, one of the graduates from Journalism Class 1998. In addition, participating students pointed out that they were born around the time when these alumni graduated. The meeting between the students and the alumni hence epitomized the inheritance of the truth-seeking spirit cultivated at Zhejiang University.

The football match provided a much-needed platform for students and alumni to connect with each other. Most importantly, it has strengthened the bond between alumni and the University. Thanks to their continuous support, the CMIC has thrived throughout all these years. The CMIC looks forward to reaching out to more alumni and to moving to a brighter future.

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