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Zhang Tuo’s journey of persistence

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HANGZHOU—Zhang Tuo is a journalism undergraduate who has achieved excellent academic performance and has won various awards and honors including the national scholarship. He has also received an offer from the School of Journalism and Communication of Tsinghua University.

On learning

Zhang is an outstanding and disciplined student. In a Digital Media practical class, he filmed a documentary for the very first time. He immediately made a production schedule after understanding the project requirements. It only took him a weekend to complete the task which included story composition, script writing, filming and editing. Zhang views self-discipline and the pursuit of perfection as key factors that led him to becoming the top student in his major.

Besides focusing on major courses, Zhang also attended medical related courses. He managed to complete them and gained cutting edge knowledge despite the challenging process.

On practical works

Driven by his enthusiasm for journalism, Zhang spent a lot of time on journalistic practices. Several news commentaries that he published even won the attention of mainstream media. 

Zhang undertook an internship at the People’s Daily during the summer. He was first assigned to the morning news unit where his work mainly comprised of collecting news materials. The job involved crucial work such as precise news values determination and meticulous proofreading which, according to Zhang, gave him a deeper understanding of the profession.

In school, Zhang contributes in the CMIC Student Union as a vice chairman who oversees a range of tasks from general affairs to the operation of the union’s public Wechat account. Though time-consuming, he said that it had given him a great sense of belonging.

Zhang was in charge of the publicity work for the graduation party and the New Year party, two of the most important annual events of the CMIC. Thanks to the systematic planning and follow-up, these events were both successfully held and gained Zhang the commendation he deserves.

On his dream

In his spare time, Zhang Tuo devotes himself to photography. He was the chief editor of the photography department of the CMIC’s omnimedia platform for which he documented iconic places and events in Hangzhou. The production behind every work was stressful yet fulfilling and has left profound memories in Zhang’s mind. Zhang prefers to use the word “capture” over “photograph” as he feels that the latter has greater connotations that he has yet to master.

Now that Zhang has been accepted by Tsinghua University, his dream school, he will persist in his passion to “capture”, and perhaps make a photo album or documentary about Beijing. 

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