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Contemporary Aesthetics, Cultural Anthropology, and Fashion Studies published

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HANGZHOU—Contemporary Aesthetics, Cultural Anthropology, and Fashion Studies is the product of the 2017 International Symposium on Contemporary Aesthetics and Anthropology: Fashion Study. This collection of academic essays are edited by Prof. Wang Jie, Prof. Pang Chinglin, and Prof. Petra Leutner. The book received funding from the International Publishing Program of Zhejiang University and made its debut as a global publication.

From aesthetic and anthropological standpoints, the book presents an interdisciplinary discussion about fashion—a heated topic in the age of cultural economy. By addressing fashion aesthetics, it touches upon identities of contemporary fashion at home and abroad.

The International Publishing Program was initiated by Zhejiang University (ZJU) in 2019 to promote academic works in the arts to its international audience. Over the years, it has selected some of the most notable results from a pool of advanced, Chinese-stylized, and cutting-edge projects conducted by the university. These academic papers are then introduced worldwide with the help of famous publishers.

To date, 11 translated works and four English works have reached global recognition through the program, which enlivened the dialogue between ZJU and foreign institutes and boosted the university’s international influence and reputation. The program is a great stride in developing the arts with ZJU characteristics.

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