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Communication and the Public September Issue Published

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Communication and the Public has published a new issue,which includes four original research articles.


Communication and the Public is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes both theoretical and empirical research articles in the intersections of communication and the public broadly defined. It welcomes research in these areas from and about any parts of the world, especially the parts of the world where the experiences have been under-considered in the extant social and cultural theories or in communication studies. It publishes quality works in both social scientific and humanistic traditions.


The regular features of the journal include research articles, theoretical essays, forum and symposium, and book reviews. To better reflect the multi-disciplinary thematic focus, the journal will publish frequent special issues. Proposals for special issues from any social scientific or humanistic disciplines are welcome.


We invite you to read the following articles from this current issue published in September, 2019.

Debatable sphere: Major party hegemony, minor party marginalization in the UK leaders’ debate——Ceri Hughes


 A network analysis of political incivility dimensions——Toby Hopp


 Islamic State in Iraq and Syria’s standardized media and jihadist nation-state building efforts ——Ahmed Al-Rawi


Disrobed and dissenting bodies of the Meira Paibi: Postcolonial 239 counterpublic activism ——Minu Basnet


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