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The 12th ZJU Summer Research Program on Communication Theory and Methods: News Production, Information Flow, and Communication Credibility in the Digital Age

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Based on the current complex language environment, the summer research program will discuss a series of core issues so as to grasp all aspects of news production and information flow, beginning with journalism, such as the trends, missions, problems, and visions of the field. By understanding these characteristics, the program will therefore explore new levels, perspectives, methods and examples of research and construction. The core issues are as follows:

What are examples of technology-driven innovations emerging in the media and journalism industry? How do various platforms affect public information flow and composition? How do these changes reshape news and the journalism industry or even damage journalistic norms and codes of public communication like objectivity and authenticity? How do they give rise to a “post-truth” discourse and diverse audiences, and how do they challenge common public models of democratic theories? What are the new theoretical horizons and practical possibilities to be explored beyond the traditional public frameworks of information, participation, deliberation and empowerment?


Day1, July 6


Welcome speech by Lu Wei, Zhejiang University


Guobin Yang, University of Pennsylvania

The Descriptive Turn in Contemporary Social Sciences


Yu Hong, Zhejiang University

Digital China as a Methodology: Research Approach and Theoretical Innovation in the Threshold of Holistic Communication


Group discussion: Self-introduction

Day2, July 7


Ye Lu, Fudan University

Collaborative News Exhibition and Diverse Public Life in the Digital Era


Hongtao Li, Zhejiang University

Living in the Shadow of the Past: Memory Theatre, Digital Memory Practice and Journalism


Victor Pickard, University of Pennsylvania.

Book Talk

Day3, July 8


Haiyan Wang, Sun Yat-sen University

Journalism Transformation in the Digital Era: Theory Path, Research Method and Case Study


Yanhong Li, Sun Yat-sen University

Field, Regulation and Ecosystem: How Sociological Theories Aid in Journalistic Research


Group Discussion: Research experience sharing session

Day4, July 9


Seth Lewis, University of Oregon

Concepts for Studying Journalism and Technology

The Lived Experience of News


Student Presentations 1


David Ryfe, The University of Iowa

Uses of a Practice Approach to News Production

Day5, July 10


Mike Ananny, University of Southern California

Studying Networked News Time


Student Presentations 2


Roundtable chaired by Zhongdang Pan, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Closing Ceremony

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