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The film Bobby's Factory directed by Dr. Zhang Yong was broadcast on multiple overseas media

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HANGZHOU-Dr. Zhang Yong, Hundred Talent Program Young Professor of CMIC, recently received a broadcast certificate from Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) of his work Bobby's Factory. This Sino-African intercultural documentary, co-produced by CMIC, takes Nigerian Bobby as the protagonist and adopts long-term objective observation as shooting method. Being broadcast on NTA for three consecutive weeks since January 25th,, this documentary has been highly praised by the locals and becomes Chinas first film and television work being broadcast on Nigerian TV station for multiple rounds.


Recording the interactions between Nigerian businessman Bobby and Chinese workers during the pandemic, Bobby's Factory is the first documentary to take deep observation to the intercultural communication. Dr. Zhang Yong hoped that the story could depict the experiences of ordinary people in this era of change and reflect the authenticity and spontaneity of intercultural communication between Chinese and African people.


Bobbys Factory has been collected permanently by prestigious institutions in China and abroad, including National Library of China, Yale University Library, The School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. In addition, it has won the first prize of the second National Film and Television Anthropology Works and the second prize of Academy Award of Chinese University Film and Television Association.

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