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Lin Wei: A Contemporary Presentation of Song Culture

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HANGZHOURecently, Associate Professor Lin Wei, assistant to the dean at the CMIC and director of the Department of Film and Television Arts and New Media, published an article titled Contemporary Presentation of Song Yun Culture in Guangming Daily.

2022 marks the 40th anniversary of CCTV Spring Festival Gala. As a common expectation of Chinese people around the world, it features in appeal-to-all charm. Everyone can feel the spirit of the New Year in the gala with emotions resonating and demands being responded to, which is the true purpose of the gala.


The important connotation of Song Yun culture is to suit both refined and popular tastes, and many traditional Chinese popular arts, such as lyrics, commentaries, poetic dramas and shadow puppets, all appeared in the Song Dynasty. The close connection with daily life is the unique flavor of the Chinese aesthetic spirit, which is well reflected in todays Spring Festival Gala.


A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains created by Wang Ximeng in the Northern Song Dynasty and Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains by Huang Gongwang in the Yuan Dynasty are both exemplary works of Song culture. The landscape under their portrayal contained villages, storey and fishing boats rather than something lofty, and it contained the aesthetic paradigm of their era. This paradigm is interpreted in the Spring Festival evening as creative sound and dance programs The Journey of a Legendary Landscape Painting and Jiangnan in Memory, and it provides a brand-new way for contemporary human to understand the ancients through popularizing elegance.


A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains(partical)

The transformation from ancient paintings to literary programs, namely the two-dimensional space that originally requires imaginative intervention to a three-dimensional world that can be directly perceived, is the manifestation of turning elegance into popularity. In this process, the immersion of Song culture is also expressed in a technical and contemporary way. The so-called immersion can be called spatial awareness in painting.


Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains(partical)

The Journey of a Legendary Landscape Painting and Jiangnan in Memory use complex modern media technology as the inside, but present simple and prosperous gestures, poems and acting skills. They are significantly meaningful expression of the Song Culture in its most exquisite and elaborate sense of returning to the basics and washing away all the attachments.

The Journey of a Legendary Landscape Painting

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