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Call for Proposals: Topical Columns of China Media Report

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China Media Report is an international journal focused on journalism and communication, co-published by College of Media and International Culture of Zhejiang University, Faculty of Humanities and Arts of Macau University of Science and Technology, and Zhejiang University Press. Established in early 2002, the journal encourages academic spirit of humanistic, cultural and critical qualities apart from communication research from diverse, subjectival and unique perspectives. It promotes dialogue between communities of Chinese communication research at home and abroad through academic exchanges, so as to jointly foster theoretical innovation and academic influence in this field.

So far, China Media Report has published 87 consecutive issues and has cooperated with academic bodies such as International Association for Media and Communication Research(IAMCR) and the Chinese Association for History and Journalism and Mass Communication. The journal obtained Zhejiang University’s funding for the construction of high-level periodicals in 2020-2022 and 2023-2025, and is also indexed by academic databases including EBSCO, Gale Academic OneFile, Source Journal of Ulrich's Periodicals Directory (UPD), and Source Journal of Index Copernicus (IC).

As communication research is embracing innovations and extending its range due to technical progress of media, China Media Report is launching a column every issue to focus on specific topics and gather enlightening ideas. We now sincerely invite journalism and communication scholars worldwide to propose column topics and contribute relevant articles for upcoming issues. China Media Report has previously run topical columns on trending subjects like Walllywood films, barrier-free communication, urban communication, Internet culture and so on, which have made a difference in the communication community and have drawn significant attention from readers. We will continue to set academic topics in the form of columns and initiate discussions among scholars to propel the development of Chinese communication studies.

Guided by principles of insightful, pioneering, forward-thinking and introspective analysis, China Media Report faces current situation and historical experience of human communication, emphasizes theoretical innovation and practical application, and adheres to both qualitative and quantitative methods of research. The journal pays attention to the dynamic change of both Chinese and global communication, and seeks to enhance the self-development of communication as well as its integration with other disciplines. As such, we welcome proposals not only from senior scholars but also young academics with fresh perspectives and approaches.

Requirements for column proposals are as follows.

1. The title of the column.

2. An introduction about the main content of the column (about 500 words) explaining the meaning and value of the topic, its theoretical or methodological innovation, prospects of research or the possibility of dialogue.

3. The schedule for the collection of relevant articles.

4. The resumes of the column planners and scholars who intend to contribute articles, including their names, emails, professional fields, and the title of their articles.

Column proposals can be submitted via email (chinamediareport@163.com). The editorial office will respond within 30 days after the submission.

China Media Report welcomes long articles, but the length of each paper should not exceed 20,000 words (including references, tables and figures). We encourage diverse research methods and paradigms, but they should conform to the norms of academic research. Submissions should contain titles and abstracts in both English and Chinese, Chinese text, references and appendices. After receiving the proposals and articles, we will organize anonymous peer review, and the results will be adoption, revised adoption or rejection. The adopted column will be published after all articles are accepted following review.

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