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The Network of Poetry and the Poetry of the Internet - A Random Talk on the Evolution of Chinese Poetry Network in the Past 40 Years

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On September 22, the conference The Network of Poetry and the Poetry of the Internet - A Random Talk on the Evolution of Chinese Poetry Network in the Past 40 Years was successfully held at the College of Media and International Culture. Hosted by ZJU’s Research Center of International Communicationand co-organized by the Department of International Culture at the College of Media and International Culture,the conference aimed to review the transformation of Chinese poetry network and explored the development of Chinese poetry over the past 40 years. Famous Chinese poets Shen Qi, Liang Xiaoming, Wang Ziliang, as well as numerousspecialists, scholars, and poetry enthusiasts attended the conference.

At the beginning of the conference, the attending guests reviewed the growth of  Chinese poetry network from scratch. In this process, the Chinese poetry network has undergone a transformation from traditional print media to digitalization and networking, not only providing a broader communication platform for poets and poetry enthusiasts, but also injecting new vitality and momentum into the creation and dissemination of Chinese poetry. Mr. Shen Qi, a famous poet from Shaanxi, proposed insights such asemotions outweigh positions, walking sideways and settling oneself, and rewriting history and returning to the ego as an individual, which provokedcontemplation on the essence of poetry.

The conference also displayed representative poets and works in the evolution of Chinese poetry networks. They stand for the unique charm and spiritual style of Chinese poetry in various historical periods, providing the participants with a more direct and vivid experience.

The conference culminated in a passionate atmosphere. It pointed out the direction for the future development of Chinese online poetry by reviewing the glorious 40-year history ofChinese poetry network. The participants unanimously agreed that Chinese online poetry will maintain its cultural value and spiritual core, and propel the development of poetry with an open mind and a pragmatic look, thus fostering the literary and artistic cause and promoting traditional Chinese culture.

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