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Seminar of “New Era, New Asian Games, New Communication” and Release of China Sports Communication Impact Report

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The theme seminar on New Era, New Asian Games, New Communication - Promoting High-Quality Development of Sports Dissemination and Cultural Work and the release of China Sports Communication Impact Report were held at Qiushi Great Hall of Zhejiang University on September 27th and 28th. Attending guests included Zhang Jiasheng, Deputy Director of the General Administration of Sport of China, Fang Jiangshan, Deputy Editor of People's Daily, and Zhu Hui, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhejiang University, who delivered opening speeches.

Zhang Jiasheng, Deputy Director of the General Administration of Sport of China

Since the opening of Hangzhou Asian Games, from the stunning opening ceremony to the exciting and intense competitions, China has dedicated a sports event to the world with “Chinese characteristics, Asian style, and splendid diversity”. Through the stage of the Asian Games, telling the story of China, spreading the voice of China, and presenting a true, round, and comprehensive image of China is of great significance for accelerating the construction of Chinese discourse and narrative system, and enhancing the soft power of Chinese culture. The theme seminar of ‘New Era, New Asian Games, and New Communication’ took this opportunity to invite senior media workers, experts, and scholars to organize in-depth discussions. This event is also one of the serial activities of the “Ode to Chinese Sports Spirit” at Hangzhou Asian Games Station.

Yu Xiaozhong, Director of the Sports Department of Xinhua News Agency

During the theme seminar, a wide range of experts and scholars delivered keynote speeches, including Li Zhongwen, President of the Zhejiang branch of People's Daily, Yu Xiaozhong, Director of the Sports Department of Xinhua News Agency, Jiang Jun, President and Party Secretary of Zhejiang Daily, Hu Zhengrong, Director of the Institute of Journalism and Communication of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Wei Lu, Dean and Deputy Party Secretary of College of Media and International Culture at Zhejiang University, and Wang Xueli, Director of Research Center of Sports Industry Development at Tsinghua University. Deep analysis was conducted on topics such as how to develop high-quality dissemination and cultural work in the new era, how to further promote China's excellent sports culture and sports spirits so as to build Chinas international communication discourse system and enhance its influence.

XU Jiren, the former vice chairman of China Sports Journalists Association

The event also released “China Sports Communication Influence Report” jointly produced by China Sports Journalists Association, News Front Magazine, Public Opinion Data Center of People’s Daily, andCollege of Media and International Culture at Zhejiang University. It was the first time that the dissemination of large-scale sports events such as the Olympics, Winter Olympics, Asian Games, Universiade, and National Games, had been taken as the research object. The research conducted case analysis, applied a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods, made observations of the achievements of China’s sports industry and its effective dissemination in the new era, and proposed suggestions to optimize sports communication. As a reviewer of the report, Xu Jiren, former vice chairman of China Sports Journalists Association, believed that the report has a broad sampling, rigorous logic, thorough analysis, credible results, and feasible suggestions, which reflects authority, comprehensiveness, and accuracy. As an enlightening think-tank research report, it not only has academic value, but also serves as important practical reference and guidance for front-line sports journalists.

the round-table seminar

During the round-table session, the topic of “how sports reports excel when promoting media integration” aroused heated discussion among Yuan Hongheng, Director of Sports Center of Beijing Daily, Chen Weisheng, Editorial Committee Member and Director of Sports News Center of Guangzhou Daily, Kang Kai, Second-Level Director of Qianjiang Evening News, Zheng Guohua, Vice Dean of School of Journalism and Communication at Shanghai University of Sport, and Huang Qing, Special Deputy Director of Office of Global Engagement at Zhejiang University. Meanwhile, the topic of “measures to consolidate the construction of the Omnimedia system” also elicited deep insights from Zhang Chunyan, Deputy Editor of China Daily Website, Hu Hongwei, Deputy Editor of the Paper, Li Pan, Editor of the “Zhejiang Xuanchuan”, Dou Fengchang, Professor of School of Journalism at Fudan University, and Jin Ge, Assistant Dean and Associate Professor of Institute of Area Studies at Peking University. All of the discussions provided beneficial inspirations and references to show the contemporary spirits and wonderful stories of Chinese sports, facilitate the construction of a country strong in sports, and present a reliable, amiable and respectable image of China.

This event was hosted by General Administration of Sport of China, and organized by Publicity Department of General Administration of Sport of China, News Front Magazine, China Sports Journalists Association, and ZJU’s College of Media and International Culture.

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