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Call for Papers for the 4th China Digital City Branding Hangzhou Forum (2023)

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Media, Events, Performances and the International Influence of Cities


Call for Papers for the 4th China Digital City Branding Hangzhou Forum (2023)


Organizer: Digital Communication Research Center, Zhejiang University

College of Media and International Culture, Zhejiang University

Time: November 24 - 26, 2023

Venue: Hangzhou


The wave of digitization and the high level of opening to the outside world are redefining the face and future of cities. In this critical historical process, we are concerned with both the construction of digital and smart cities and the enhancement of their international influence. Since the first forum, China Digital City Brand Hangzhou Forum has become an important platform for discussing the development of digital cities, brand communication and the international influence of cities, and has accumulated a wealth of cases and experiences. This year, we invite you to visit Hangzhou to exchange ideas, share insights and build a better future for digital cities under the theme of Media, Events, Performances and International Influence of Cities.


Today's media are ubiquitous, touchable, accessible and presentable; we live in the city and we live in the media. The development and iteration of media accompanies and influences the process of urban civilization. The city used to be a physical structure based on people, buildings and neighborhoods, but now it has been incorporated into a vast interconnected context, and has become a media city that is constantly experienced by people and mutually confirmed by each other, a symbiosis of reality and reality.


Hangzhou in 2023, as the host of the Asian Games, is attracting the world's attention. How to utilize the historic opportunities and platforms of major events to fully demonstrate Hangzhou's urban charm and enhance the city's international popularity and influence is the international communication proposition not only for Hangzhou, but also for many cities in China.


Therefore, this forum takes this opportunity to continue to promote interdisciplinary academic exchanges and cooperation in urban communication, and at the same time focuses on case studies of cities under digital technology, discussing in depth the role of the media in enhancing international influence, with a particular focus on the impact of large-scale sports events, major festivals and new digital performances on the enhancement of the city's brand and the actual effect. The forum aims to bring together elites from all walks of life to share experiences, discuss strategies and look forward to the future.


I. Time and Place

Time: November 24 - 26, 2023

Venue: Hangzhou


II. Contributions

The organizing committee warmly welcomes journalism and communication scholars and researchers in the field of humanities and social sciences from all over the world to focus on the theme of the forum and actively contribute to the forum, as well as organizing a panel or workshop. the submitted case studies must not have been published in any form.


III. Main Forum Content

The content of the forum will be released:

1. Release the Double Index of China's digital city brand.

2. Publishing Classic Cases of China's Digital City Communication.


IV. Sub-forum Content

Case Analysis:

Discussion on the theme of city brand communication in groups, focusing on analyzing the top ten selected cases.


V Panel Discussion

The panel program submitted to this forum should contain the following three parts:

(1) Panel or workshop theme and theme explanation;

(2) Brief biographies of the panel or workshop moderator and all members (200 words or less);

(3) The title and 800-word long abstract of the paper to be presented at the panel or workshop.


VI. Theme and Method of Case Collection


1. Themes


Theme 1: Major Events and International Influence of Cities

As a marketing tool for cities, major events usually include festivals, conventions and exhibitions, and tournaments. Among them, festivals refer to film festivals and carnivals with world influence; conventions and exhibitions can be categorized into politics, business, academia and associations, etc. The higher the level of the meeting, the higher the degree of attention from the media and the public. The most prominent events are undoubtedly the Olympic Games, the World Cup, the Asian Games and other top sports events. Focusing on the important impact of major events on city branding and summarizing the successful experiences of cities that have hosted major events in the past will help to explore how to further incorporate the communication strategy and image enhancement of city branding into the process of hosting and communicating major events in the city, and to provide a strategic countermeasure for the development of the city and the international communication of city branding.


Theme 2: Digital Performance and City Culture

The report of the 20th CPC National Congress proposes to implement the national cultural digitization strategy. The report proposes the implementation of a national cultural digitization strategy, developing new scenarios for digital cultural consumption, and vigorously developing new digital cultural experiences that integrate online and offline, and combine online and presence. How to use digital technology to combine with traditional culture and art, shape new fashionable exhibition space, explore flexible and diversified exhibition methods, and build a unique sense of place in the era of globalization.


Theme 3: Artificial Intelligence Media and Urban Ecology

The emergence of ChatGPT is the new growth point of artificial intelligence. This is reflected in the deepening cooperation with the government, media, enterprises and other organizations, and its application scenarios in urban production and life are constantly enriched. The case focuses on how intelligent media can be used in urban public life, and realizes the humanistic care and public attributes of the urban intelligent media and its digital system, forming a new urban ecosystem that integrates nature, humanities, science and technology, and aesthetics during the process of urban regeneration. Theme 4: Media Practices and Urban Life


Theme 4: Media Practices and Urban Life

Media plays an important role in urban life. We are looking for typical cases where media practices have changed a habit and accelerated a more civilized way of life. It also includes cases where technology has changed the way of daily life in the city, effectively improving people's livelihood and enhancing their sense of access and happiness.


Theme 5: Digital Media and Platform Cities

City-as-a-Platform is a concept that has been heating up in recent years. At the level of national construction, it implies the strategic importance of digital infrastructure for urban development, and for ordinary citizens, the data-driven opening of their lives becomes the daily life of the city. We call for vivid cases at both macro and micro levels to explain from an empirical point of view how urban development is rapidly moving into the new stage of a platform city by using media.


2.Solicitation Method

The call for papers is based on self-submission and invitation.


Universities, research institutes, government agencies, media organizations and individuals who are deeply interested in the theme and case studies of the forum are welcome to apply for contributions.


The Forum also invites experts and scholars in urban studies, as well as professionals from the government, enterprises and the media in other fields related to digital city brand communication, to form case studies with certain exemplary value through excavation, research and analysis of the case studies.


VII. Deadline for Case Submission

Deadline for submission of full-text cases October 30, 2023

Acceptance results will be released on November 5, 2023

Long abstract requirement: about 800 words (bilingual in Chinese and English)

Cases (in WORD or PDF format) panel计划以电子邮件附件的形式发送citybranding2018@163.com

The subject of the e-mail should be Submission-Unit-Author-Title pdf.


VIII. Conference Consultation

Ms. Ji Yingru 18368865947 (same number)

Ms. Wang Qian 18217702930 (same number)

Ms. Wang Huiqiong 17771280615 (same number)


The 4th China Digital City Brand Hangzhou Forum Organizing Committee

August 11, 2023

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