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The 2023 Opening Ceremony of the College Successfully Held

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On September 17, the 2023 opening ceremony of the College of Media and International Culture was successfully held at its Integrated Media Center. Xu dai and Huang dan, both senior professors of the humanities, and Wu Fei, the deputy director of the department of humanities, attended the ceremony. Faculty and staff members, as well as undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in 2023, gathered together to embark on a new journey. And the ceremony was presided over by Wang Qingwen, Secretary of the College Party Committee.

At the beginning, the host Wang Qingwen warmly welcomed all first-year students on behalf of the college and introduced the guests present at the ceremony. He stated that the college adheres to the principle of innovation driven, people centered, interdiscipline oriented, and mainstream focused, and is committed to serving as a talent base, technology engine, and think tank for national and even global media innovation.

Subsequently, Dean Wei Lu delivered a welcome speech to the new students and extended a basic introduction about the college from three aspects of  “long history, numerous talents, and standing at the forefront”. He mentioned that the college boasts a long history and profound culture deriving from Qiushi Academy in 1897. Many cultural celebrities such as Chen Duxiu and Shao Piaoping have emerged, and generations of outstanding alumni have also been cultivated. To this day, the college has developed into a nationally leading figure and internationally renowned hub in media education. He also suggested the students to ponder two questions when entering the university: first, employment and further education, and second, the value of life. Thus he encouraged them to take on crucial responsibilities, serve the country and the people, and fulfill the major strategic needs. He concluded with quotes from Principal Zhu Kezhen, hoping that the students can achieve a better life and become a new generation capable of promoting national rejuvenation.

Professor representative Fang Xingdong shared five tips from his research experience. The first is to be problem-oriented, which requires immediate insight into what is currently a hard nut to crack for the government, industry, society, and academia The second is to rely on the team to form stronger synergy through complementary advantages. The third is to let academic pursuits become a habit and regard creating knowledge as one's own responsibility. The fourth is to be diligent and active, arrange study time on a regular basis and ensure efficiency. The fifth is to be good at choosing the track, which means the topic selection should be forward-looking and leading. Finally, he called on the students to enthusiastically engage in academic research.

Teacher representative Tian Yuan addressed the students with the word new. From the stage of liberal education to professional learning, the freshmen should broaden their horizons, feet on the ground of reading and hands-on experience, and orient themselves in the tide of media changes. No matter at which position they are in the future, the students should always remember the mission of media and achieve the combination of ambition and enterprise. As for the first-year graduate students, they should follow the guidance of practical problems and break through the foundation of their predecessors. Meanwhile, they should warmly embrace life, enter the fields, and bravely propose their new insights.

Two student representatives also expressed their voices to all teachers and students. Li Sa, the representative of the 2023 undergraduate freshmen, stated that as the new generation of ZJUers, they should cherish time, model ourselves on the predecessors, and ignite the torch of the new era with their own spark. As a media student, all students should use the pen as a sword to stand up for morality and righteousness, as well as write reports skillfully to set new trends. They should become listeners of the world, recorders of society, and narrators of Chinese stories. Wang Shanshui, the representative of the new graduate student in 2023, shared his experience of joining the military camp and his reflection on his will and mission as a media professional in the new era. He called on his classmates to care for the matters of national consequence and strive to stay at the forefront, strengthen their ability to showcase Chinese civilization and construct a Chinese discourse, focus on creating more high-quality communication products, as well as enhance the influence of international communication, the appeal of Chinese culture, the affinity of Chinese image, the persuasiveness of Chinese discourse, and the guidance of international public opinion.

A hundred years ago in the land of China, the great journalist Shao Piaoping used a pen as a gun to pierce through the darkness. A hundred years later, there are also media students who follow his spirit to seek truth. Student representatives from the college presented a recitation titled Your Footprints on the Way of Piaoping.

Accompanied by the melody of ZJUs anthem, the 2023 opening ceremony of the College of Media and International Culture was brought to a successful end. When youth is at its best, the media carries dreams. Dear media students, let's altogether brave winds and waves, forge ahead and chase stars in the future!

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