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Research Proposal on Digital Human Copyrights Initiated in Beijing

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On November 13th, the research proposal on establishment and protection of digital human copyrights, combined with the forum of digital human industry, took place in China Copyright Protection Center, Beijing. Previously, Zhejiang University’s College of Media have collaborated with Fubo Company to conduct this research, aiming to formalize the copyright administration of digital humans and enhance their role as new media. 

Associate Professor Wu Yun, presented the proposal on behalf of the research team. He contextualized this research within the flourishing cultural industry, citing the Central Committee of the Party’s initiatives in guiding the construction of China’s copyright system. Accordingly, this research not only responds to the societal demand, but also fills a gap in current regulations regarding digital copyrights. Later he detailed the research content and introduced the research team, which was highly acknowledged by leaders of China Copyright Protection Center as well as representatives from the industry.

To better understand the practical applications of digital humans, the forum invited expert speakers from the industry, including Li Mei, Director of Intellectual Property and Innovation Development Center of CAICT, Mu Kaihui, CTO of VSOCloud, Lin Qixian, and Chief Analyst of the internet industry at Shenwan Media. They shared their insights on a range of pertinent issues, from AIGC and digital content to investment in the domain of digital humans. Additionally, the forum featured keynote speeches by Wang Xinchen, Fund Manager at Jiashi Fund, as well as Li Xiaoyu, Director of Asset Operations in Department of Virtual Human Platform Business at iFlytek Corporation.

This event marks continued cooperation between CMIC and Fubo Company after the co-construction of Research Center of Global Digital Cultural Industry in 2022. It paves way for integration of academic theories and real-world applications for CMIC, and breathes new life into local digital economy. Moreover, the multi-lateral interactions through the event helps to solidify digital human copyrights and expand the relevant industry.

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