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“Strength and Hope”- Exhibition of the Documentary Film “Above Water”

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On the evening of November 15th, the “Strength and Hope”- exhibition of the documentary film “Above Water” was displayed at the integrated media center of CMIC. Co-organized by ZJU Youth League Committee and CMIC, the event invited champions of Asian Para Games to have in-depth exchanges with ZJU students with the aim of enhancing understanding of the disabled.

The guests included Wang Lichao, winner of National May 1 Labor Medals and champion of Paralympic Games and Asian Para Games, Xie Maosan, the unprecedented champion of China in Asian Para Games, as well as ZJU representatives. Volunteers of the 4th Asian Games and Asian Para Games also attended the event.


The event was presided over by Zhao Wei, torch bearer and volunteer of Asian Para Games, and commenced with a welcome speech delivered by Wang Qingwen, Secretary of CMIC Party Committee. Wang noted that ZJU highly values the cause of the disabled, establishing relevant research centers combined with barrier-free organizations and arousing students’ concerns for the disabled. He also acknowledged the distinguished work of over 600 ZJU volunteers in Asian Para Games and praised the documentary film Above Water for showcasing spirits of sports and perseverance of athletes. Lastly, he saluted those who strive for their athletic dreams and who contribute to the cause of the disabled, and conveyed best wishes for this event.

During the roundtable discussion, Mr. Wang Lichao and Ms. Xie Maosan shared personal experiences throughout their athletic careers. Wang highlighted his journey from rehabilitation training to competitive sports, emphasizing tenacity and determination of the disabled. Xie, on the other hand, spoke about the transformative power of sports in shaping one’s destiny and boosting self-confidence. In terms of career choice, Xie demonstrated the significance of interest and consistent efforts, while Wang added that it is also important to pursue one’s dreams and goals despite unfamiliarity of certain fields.

In the film review session, students posed diverse questions delving into the film itself, the confidence of para athletes, social biases and so on. Bao Dawei, Deputy Secretary of ZJU Youth League Committee expressed his appreciation for the film and shared his academic reflections. Citing the views of Russian philosopher Ilyenkov, he emphasized the critical role of mental strength in overcoming physical limitations. Individuals with disabilities can build self-esteem through sports, as illustrated in the film “Above Water” directed by Jin Xingzhen. Bao also pointed out that the disabled hope to merge into the society as the non-disabled rather than being treated as exceptional, and Jin’s film effectively shows how sports can break down these barriers and foster a more inclusive and understanding society.

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