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2023 ZJU-UM Digital Cultural Communication Camp

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CMIC, in collaboration with University of Macau, organized the 2023 Digital Cultural Communication Camp aiming to enrich students’ understanding of digital cultural communication in Macau and foster their holistic development. Led by Tian Yuan, a Researcher of Hundred Talents Program and Doctoral Supervisor, the five-day camp beginning on August 27 welcomed 40 ZJU students from diverse academic backgrounds.

The opening ceremony was presided over by Professor Liu Dingji and Li Tianzong from University of Macau. They introduced the rich history of their university and emphasized the enduring partnership between ZJU and UM. At the end of the ceremony, Teacher Tian exchanged gifts with the UM professors on behalf of ZJU.

In the classroom, the camp encompassed a diverse range of lectures combining theories and practice in digital cultural communication.

Professor Li Tianzong explained the interplay between culture and communication in addition with their digital characteristics by differentiating gestures and greetings in various countries. Stimulated by the lecture, the students actively expressed their newfound impression and understanding of Macau culture.

Associate Professor Ao Song detailed the industries of public relations, advertising and publicity in Macau, intertwining the development of local advertising with the influence of social organizations and exhibitions. In the mean time, the students raised heated discussion about the differences between media in Macau and Mainland China.

Professor Lin Yufeng traced the unique history of Macau’s Journalism and projected its future tendency. Based on the theories of Marvin Harris, Prof. Lin vividly illustrated the distinctive cultural backgrounds of Macau ranging from population to political and economic structures. Besides, Pro. Lin discussed the driving forces of Macau Daily and regarded technology as the key to the development of Macau’s media.

Professor Li Ying first explained the definition and framework of the cultural industry, and then introduced how Macau drew on the experience of Las Vegas to create a new, diversified, and featured exhibition sector through its gambling industry. During the break time, Prof. Li also warmly recommended the recently held biennial exhibition in Macau.

For the last class, Prof. Li Zhanpeng showcased the media-perpetuated stereotypes and real-life images of Macau depicted by films, arousing discussions on current challenges of Macau’s film industry. 

When it came to practical application, the students gained a deeper understanding of Macau and its communication ecology through on-site visits. On their second day, they were given a guided tour around the campus by five UM student ambassadors. It was intriguing to learn that the Hengqin Campus of UM, which was put into use in 2014, was designed by the same architect Mr. He Jingtang as ZJU’s Zijinggang Campus. Therefore, during the visit, the students felt a strong sense of connection between the two campuses. Besides, the students got a fascinating glimpse of media production within UM’s creative media labs where scene layout and prop setting were conducted on simulated TV station scenes.

In addition to campus visits, the students also went to various institutions of cultural communication such as Meishi MGM and Macau TV Broadcast Station. At Meishi MGM, the students appreciated Professor Xiao Qin's art exhibition, deepening their insights into the integration of Chinese and Western art styles. In the news studio of TV Broadcast Station, the students operated professional photography equipment under specialized guidance, acquiring a good knowledge of the TV industry and news program production.

As the five-day educational journey neared its conclusion on August 31, the students presented their final reports in UM’s lecture hall. Each group shared their observations and reflections on the communication industry in Macau from their unique perspectives, delving into topics encompassing industry, communication, and language. Prof. Ao Song then gave a brief review of each report and selected three best groups which were awarded special certificates.


In the following closing ceremony, Fang Neng gave a speech representing the ZJU students. He shared his fruitful outcomes of this journey and expressed his gratitude to the UM faculty and students. 

Subsequently, Ms. Tan, Director of Center for Continuing Education at UM, took the stage to emphasize the importance of scholarly exchanges in improving academic abilities and broadening global perspectives. She hoped that the students could benefit from participating in this camp and presented graduation certificates to the attendees. The ceremony culminated in a memorable group photo, which marked a successful end to this remarkable academic journey.

The academic exchange co-organized by CMIC and UM not only served as a golden opportunity to let students combine theoretical knowledge with practical application, but also afforded them a more comprehensive and immersive exploration of Macau. The participants agreed that they gained many unforgettable experiences during this journey, which laid a solid foundation for their future development.

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