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Hangzhou Asian Games "New Era New Asian Games New Communication" and the release of China Sports Communication Influence Report were held in Hangzhou

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"New era new Asian games, new communication —— promoting sports propaganda culture work high quality development" discussion and Chinese sports communication influence report activity 27,28, was held in Zhejiang university lecture hall. Deputy director of state general administration of sports Zhang Jiasheng, People's Daily deputy editor Fang Jiang shan, deputy party secretary of Zhejiang university Zhu Hui attended the activities and delivered a speech.


Zhang Jiasheng, deputy director general of the General Administration of Sport of China, addressed the seminar.


Since the opening of the Hangzhou Asian Games, from the beautiful opening ceremony to the exciting and fierce competition, China has contributed to the world a grand sports event with Chinese characteristics, Asian style and wonderful events. Through the stage of the Asian Games, it is of great significance to tell the story of China, show the true, three-dimensional and comprehensive image of China to accelerate the construction of Chinese discourse and narrative system and enhance the soft power of Chinese culture. The theme of New Asian Games, New Communication took this as an opportunity to invite senior media workers, experts and scholars to conduct in-depth discussions. This activity is also one of the series of activities of Ode to Chinese Sports Spirit in Hangzhou Asian Games Station.

Yu Xiaozhong, director of Xinhua Sports Department, delivered a keynote speech.


In the topic discussion, Li Zhongwen, president of Zhejiang Branch of People's Daily, Yu Xiaozhong, director of the Xinhua Sports Department, Jiang Jun, President and Party Secretary of Zhejiang Daily Press Group, Hu Zhengrong, director of the Institute of Journalism and Communication at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Wei Lu, President and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Media and International Culture, Zhejiang University, Wang Xueli, director of the Sports Industry Development Research Center of Tsinghua University, delivered a keynote speech, How to develop high quality sports publicity and culture in the new era, How to further do the publicity of Chinese excellent sports culture and carry forward the Chinese sports spirit, China's international communication discourse system and influence.


Xu Jiren, former vice chairman of China Sports Journalists' Association, commented on the Report on the Influence of Chinese Sports Communication.


The event also released the Report on the Influence of Chinese Sports Communication, jointly produced by China Sports Journalists 'Association, News Front Magazine, Public Opinion Data Center of People's Daily Online, and the School of Media and International Culture of Zhejiang University. For the first time to the Olympic Games, winter Olympics, Asian games, the universiade, national games and other large sports events spread as the research object, the integrated use of case analysis, qualitative quantitative combination way, thorough analysis of the new era of Chinese sports career development achievements and effective communication, and put forward the optimization of communication reports. As a report review, former vice President of China sports journalists association Xu Jiren thinks: the Chinese sports communication influence report sampling broad, logical, analysis, credible, suggestion, embodies the authority, comprehensive, accurate, not only has academic value, to a line of sports journalists also has important practical reference and guiding significance, is a rich inspiring think-tank research.

New Era New Asian Games New Communication theme seminar roundtable seminar.


During the round-table discussion, Yuan Hongheng, director of the Sports Center of Beijing Daily, Chen Weisheng, editorial board member of Guangzhou Daily and director of the Sports News Center, Kang Kai, the secondary director of Qianjiang Evening News, Zheng Guohua, Vice Dean of the School of Journalism and Communication, Shanghai Sport University, Huang Qing, Deputy Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Department of Zhejiang University; Zhang Chunyan, deputy editor-in-chief of China Daily Website, Hu Hongwei, deputy editor-in-chief of The Paper, Li Pan, editor-in-chief of Zhejiang Propaganda, Dou Fengchang, a professor at the School of Journalism, Fudan University, Jin Ge, assistant dean and associate professor of the Institute of Regional and National Studies of Peking University, How to break the circle of sports reports and how to strengthen the construction of the all-media communication system  and other topics launched an in-depth and wonderful discussion, In order to further show the era style of the Chinese sports spirit, Tell the Chinese sports stories well, To help build into a strong sports country, Show a credible, lovely and respectable Chinese image provides a lot of useful inspiration and reference.



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