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Call for Papers: 8th Chinese TV and Audio-Visual Research Conference

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Theme of the Conference

Understanding "After Television": Media Revitalization in the Platform Era

The Chinese TV and Audio-Visual Research Conference(CTARC) was founded in 2015 and has been successfully held for seven years. In the fourth quarter of 2023, the annual conference will be held at Zhejiang University’s College of Media and International Culture in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. It will revolve around the theme of "Understanding 'After Television': Media Revitalization in the Platform Era", with academic forums at the core among various forms of activities such as integrated industry forums, content production forums, film-watching activities, and audio-visual project promotion, aiming to let the academic and industry community join hands for the development of the television and digital audio-visual industry.

As the digital wave has driven the transfer of television and its industrial clusters, media is more integrated with technology, capital, industry, and communities through platforms nowadays. How to view these emerging media from a new perspective, or seek a basis in the 'rearview mirror'for future development? Since the proposal of "Television studies after TV" more than a decade ago, global scholars have attempted to explore the possible changes that television may undergo in its "new era" from more aspects. China’s thriving audio-visual industry has attracted worldwide attention and has also offered more possibilities in the platform context. How can television take a step forward? The annual conference will organize three related sub forums on this theme, with topics suggested but not limited to the following categories.

Sub forum 1: The Deep Integration of Media and the Platformization of Television

1. The mechanism, orientation, and localization of deep media integration

2. Transformation of radio and television in the field of platforms

3. Exploration of television research methods under the deep integration of media

Sub Forum 2: Cultural, Social, and Historical Writing in the After Television Era

1. TV genes and art/cultural practice in the platform era

2. The revitalization of the television production-acceptance chain and its sociological observations

3. Empirical research based on categories on the theme of integration (any category of TV dramas, variety shows, or TV news)

4. Rewriting TV History

Sub Forum 3: (Television) Media in the Digital Culture Industry

1. The television industry and its community in the platform era

2. Television ideals, careers, and industry

3. Relevant discussions in the digital culture industry

Hosted by

Institute of Radio, Film and Television, Zhejiang University

ECNU-Cornell Center for Comparative Humanities

Institute of Digital Ethics, Communication University of China

Center for Convergent Global Communication,CCGC

Organized by

Institute of Radio, Film and Television, Zhejiang University

Conference Format



Zhao Yu (Professor, College of Media and International Culture, Zhejiang University)

Wu Changchang (Associate Professor, School of Communication, East China Normal University)

Ji Deqiang (Professor, Communication University of China)

Chang Jiang (Distinguished Professor, Shenzhen University)

Registration Information

This conference requires extended abstracts for registration. Please fill out the attached registration form and submit it along with an extended abstract of no less than 1000 words via email to ctarc2015@163.com before 24:00 Beijing time on November 10, 2023. We also welcome academic communities interested in the theme of this year's conference to form Pre-constituted panels or Pre-constituted Roundtables. Please also submit the topics and detailed plans for these two forms to the email address mentioned above.

The specific rules for submission are as follows.

1. The long abstract should contain the core hypothesis and research design of the paper.

2. The topic of the paper should fall within the categories of television studies and audio-visual communication research.

3. Submissions should include complete information including the title, abstract, keywords, and author profile, etc. Citations must conform to academic norms.

4. We welcome conceptual papers that discuss basic theories, concepts, and methods, as well as empirical studies with solid data and standardized methods. Meanwhile, we do not accept studies based on business summaries, unsystematic reflections, or industrious planning.

5. The organizing committee of the annual conference will organize a panel of experts to conduct an anonymous review of the submitted abstracts and ultimately select no more than 20 studies. Results will be publicly announced before 24:00 on November 20, 2023.

Submission Email and Conference Contact

Submission Email: ctarc2015@163.com

Conference Contact: Teacher Tian 18627572601

*Please send the registration form along with the abstract of the paper to the email address (ctarc2015@163.com) before 24:00 Beijing time on November 10, 2023


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